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Подписки 7499Публикаций 1988
Город Лос-Анджелес, США
Возраст 48 лет
День рождения 16 маяЗнак зодиака Телец
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torispelling Children are born innocent. All they know is unconditional love. They don’t know racism, sexism, stereotypes, or hate. WE are their greatest teachers in life. It is our job to lead by example. To teach them that like, respect, and love for a human should never be based on the color of ones skin, their ethnicity, their heritage, their sex, or their sexual preference. We are all unique and that’s part of our amazing DNA. But, being uniquely us should never be judged as a flaw. But, rather beauty and a testament of acceptance and unity for all. We were all innocent babies once. A Mother or Fathers baby that we pray they did their best to raise a good human. It’s not easy. But, it’s not hard either to teach acceptance of others. A human life is a human life. Who are we to pass judgement on others for the beautiful beings God intended them to be. It’s our birth right to be accepted as the humans we came into this world being. Lead with kindness. Lead with love till proven otherwise. Lead with acceptance. And, most importantly lead by example. Let your heart and soul be open. Remember, the person you are judging or hating came into this world just as you. Hopeful and open and accepting of all. Taking their first breathe out of their mothers womb. Being a tiny infant held in its mother’s arms for the first time. The same as YOU! Teach our children to love not hate or humanity cannot continue. We can love or we can hate. We can continue or we cannot. Free will. The choice is ours. Let’s raise the next generation to know love should be blind! Xoxo #everylifematters #lovenothate #justiceforgeorgefloyd
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torispelling My very 1st tv movie “Death of a Cheerleader” is part of the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Lifetime Original Movie. You can check it out Today at 11am. Happy Anniversary Lifetime! #30YearsOfLifetimeMovies #LOM30 #LifetimeLoyal @thekelliemartin @lifetimetv @lifetimemovies
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torispelling Meet @sirenasystem my only child that truly cleans up... - Seriously, other vacuums use bags to collect dust and dirt. Vacuum bags have pores. Pores get clogged with dust and dirt affecting the airflow of the vacuum and it’s power. No air flow means never completely clean...gross! - But, @sirenasystem uses a water filtration system which traps dirt, dust, allergens, and pet hair. So, no more dirty smelly vacuum bags. Also, with everything going on in the world with the pandemic its super important to disinfectant! The disinfectant properties of the Ocean Breeze deodorizing liquid you simply add to water in your machine (super easy) will kill 99% of germs and bacteria in the air on contact! It’s also an amazing stand alone air purifier. Cleans carpets, floors, and furniture ( all with easy attachments). No more allergies= happy kids + clean house which = happy Mom 🙋🏼‍♀️#momwin all around! Use code tori30 for 30% off goto www.sirenavacuum.com in US and www.sirenavscuum.ca in Canada. #sirena #sponsored
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torispelling I’m so excited to work with @meetcandi to do individual virtual Meet & Greets with you guys on June 6th at 5pm CST ( that’s 3pm PST/ 6pm EST). Great present for a friend, family member, or yourself. We can chat 90210 (Donna Martin Graduates!), Masked Singer, kids, life, quarantine? Up to you. And, everyone gets a 5 min one on one session with me ❤️. Proceeds from my event go to a charity near and dear to me @feedingamerica . Get your reservations at : www.meetcandi.com/celebrities/torispelling ( or check my bio for clickable link) See you there! Xoxo #meetngreet #2020 #torispelling #meetcandi
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torispelling I love partnering with companies that care ... I recently did a giveaway and fell in love with the brand @honeybunch_naturals which is manuka honey all natural lip balms for me and my kiddos. I’m obsessed with anything manuka honey for the healing properties and told them how much I adored them. And, they so generously sent me 100 ( new and sealed) lip balms to donate to frontline workers in LA. I’m proud to be sending these to nurses and their families at our local hospitals and clinics. These people working the frontline during COVID are true heroes! They deserve a giveback to them and their families any way we can! Thx @honeybunch_naturals for being so amazing! Use code TORI for 10% off and they’ll donate one to a #healthworkerhero www.honeybunchnaturals.com xoxo ( scroll thru pics) #giveback #frontlineheroes #natural #manukahoney
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torispelling Last nite my #unicorn family joined my @maskedsingerfox family & a special tribute to all front line hero’s! So honored to have been a part of it. &, LOVE being a magical unicorn 🦄 mom to all these unicorn babies. Greatest joy of my life. When I 1st started my journey on #maskedsinger I was terrified. I’d been told I was tone deaf at an early age & it stuck with me. Bummer bc I love singing. Especially w/my kiddos. I’ve taught my kids that they can be anything they want to be. To never let fear put our their fires and dreams. Well, I always try to lead by example so that is why I did Masked Singer. My first song “Fight Song” by @rachelplatten is my anthem. My girls and I always would belt it out in car and at home. Deep down that song always spoke to me. As “ Tori Spelling” I’ve gotten a lot of criticism over the years. A lot of perceptions and pre conceived notions and that was just from the 1st half of my life. Now, there’s so much LOVE I get but sometimes a lot of judgement , haters, 2 steps forward to find myself 1 step back, & just a lot of “ She’s just too... Tori”. So, being so NOT Tori yet all Tori at the same time under my 🦄 mask went from being the scariest journey to one of the best experiences of my life! Without them knowing who I was I was able to just be ME! When the judges called my voice “beautiful” I cried under that mask. Someone saw me yet didn’t see me and liked me for my talent. Hey, I’m not the best singer but I’m definitely NOT tone deaf. And, I do have a beautiful voice. It’s uniquely mine bc I’m uniquely me. And, to anyone that has asked : When you sing on stage it’s 100% LIVE in front of audience and they don’t tweak your microphone or voice. Not pre recorded. It was all ME! And, I proved to myself that I could conquer my biggest fear. I walked away from that show with my confidence and head held high. When I start to doubt myself I remember that scared girl that was shaking when I stepped out on stage to the woman that proudly took off her mask to show the world that it was “Tori Spelling”. thx @pandalooncom @kigurumishop my 💋@beautywithtorispelling #powerlips Fearless & Reign ( how appropriate) xoxo
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torispelling My birthday weekend kept going yesterday! An amazing gelato strawberry 🍓 and lemon 🍋 cake from @gelatofestival (best we’ve ever tasted!) and the most delicious and beautiful charcuTORI box with edible 24 karat gold from my friend @holidayhostess . Can we keep celebrating? 😂 #birthdayinquarantine 📸 by self timer ( how did we do? Ha ha) xoxo **scroll thru all our yummy pics!
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torispelling Zoinks! The gang is coming over for #SCOOBMovieNight to keep the festivities going for my birthday weekend! We have teamed up with our friends @moviesonrow8 on an amazing fun family movie night at home watching #SCOOB from @wbpictures We love knowing we can watch all of the latest hits with #ROW8 premium streaming service as they make the at-home movie watching experience super exciting! #moviesonrow8 has once again found a way to really pack in all the fun by teaming up with some of our other @scoobydoo partners including @kelloggsus @kidsembrace @francodreams @sunstaches @basicfuntoys to send us some awesome merch for our at home #ROW8movienight and Jinkies! It will be a birthday weekend to remember 🦴 You can experience the same fun by using code SPELLING-ROW8 FOR $2 off to either rent or own #SCOOB at row8.com You can also score all your #SCOOB merchandise exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com ROW8 is available on Roku, Android, Samsung TV and IOS and has tons of additional family friendly options and huge studio releases! @warnerbrosentertainment @WBpictures @SCOOB @Scoobydoo #sponsored
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torispelling With my Birthday almost over ( less than a minute) I reflect on the amazing day I had with my family and just some of the amazing bdays I’ve celebrated over the years. Love all the people that have been on the journey with me so far. It’s been an incredible empowering and humbling ride. From my 18th bday party in the last pic ( keep swiping left till last pic)) and my bday tonight with my kiddos. Can’t wait for many more adventures with the ones I love. And, my kiddos. I am so grateful for all of you. Thanks for all the presents and Birthday wishes today. Grateful. Xoxo #birthday
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