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Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 07 мая 2020
robbjarvis Once more around the Sun! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Even though there's no 🎥 being made right now, I'm staying busy with the gang over at @chickpeepspod. Yesterday we finished up our season with a funny, risqué game from the mind of @msevylynch and in TWO WEEKS we'll be launching our Summer Book Club video hang out! If you wanna join myself Evy and the rest of the gang live and ask us questions, stay tuned for details!
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 31 октября 2019
robbjarvis Hey Potterheads! Since it's the anniversary of THAT day in Godric's Hollow... THIS is what Harry SHOULD have seen in the Mirror of Erised (since Lily and James were killed aged 21)! This would have been the real family portrait of the Potters. ⚡ But this post is also a reminder that Season 2 of @chickpeepspod launches TOMORROW! 🎊  Hosted by, as always, @msevylynch, we will set the world to rights and tell stories about our year so far. We'll also be sharing exciting news on how you can join us in a private group chat & get your hands on secret bonus episodes!! So turn on post notifications here and I'll let you know as soon as the episode is available! Have a great day guys! #always ❤
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 13 октября 2019
robbjarvis BTS @chickpeepspod Season 2! Just about managed to get Evy, Momo, @earthlinged, myself and Puff 🐱 in one pic. Exciting stuff coming... Stay tuned! 📻
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 28 сентября 2019
robbjarvis So this little munchkin turns 6 today and even though she ignores all IG posts about her (she's too busy to interact with fans) I thought I'd share a pic of her Fluffiness with you guys! 🎉🎈 I am still delighted that @msevylynch chose to ignore my well meaning suggestions that she "wait a bit" to get a floof! Puff wasn't just the first animal that I really bonded with, she also (inadvertently) taught me to extend my compassion further, to people or animals I might never meet but could, nevertheless, be harming with my actions. It's no accident that I went vegan shortly after this majestic ball of fur and claws rolled into our orbit.
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 26 сентября 2019
robbjarvis Isn't this a beautiful and haunting image? I'll tell you who created it in this caption! But first, like many of you, I've been following all of the UN Climate Change stuff and with season 2 of @chickpeepspod just around the corner, I wanted to dust off my soapbox. When learning about a science-based issue - be it climate change, the optimal human diet or the best way to set up your own colony on Mars: follow the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS! There always is one - even if, occasionally, it is "We don't know!" Unfortunately, our society seems to care less about truth and more about opinion when discussing science. Political entities will attempt to corrupt or confuse the scientific understanding of the masses with paid "experts" who will tell you whatever those political entities want you to believe. For that reason you can always find ONE scientist to tell you anything (earth is flat, moon is 🧀, Lily belonged with Snape). But that isn't the CONSENSUS. And scientists CAN be trusted because, unlike bankers, scientists didn't fall in love with their chosen discipline to make money or to mislead people. They became scientists to discover empirical evidence... or, to put it more simply; truth! We have trusted them from Isaac Newton & Stephen Hawking explaining the parameters of our universe to Alan Turing and his computers & Rosalind Franklin with DNA. They have made sense of our world and helped design everything in it. We need to trust them on climate change! That is not to say 'trust them blindly'. Read reports and journals (if you enjoy them; I'm a nerd, I do). Search for as many different sources as you can find. But always look for the CONSENSUS. That way you can protect yourself from this insidious phase that our society seems to be going thru in which we devalue the word 'expert' by paying individual academics to abandon their integrity and shill for whichever big, politically motivated entity wishes to pay them the most money. We must start dragging scientific debate back to evidence and facts and leave political allegiance, opinion & bias at the door. That incredible image was created by #mariosancheznevado. I saw it posted by my friend @robbie_lockie
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 04 августа 2019
robbjarvis Working on them wings.
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 23 июля 2019
robbjarvis The word 'always' is used too much these days but in this instance... Always. 🙏🏻 Just got back to L.A. but wanted to say a big thank you to everyone I met this weekend at @callejondiagon_gye. It was a great experience and I hope you all had as much fun as I did! 📸: @lf_sickman P.s. The glasses were a temporary feature courtesy of @roncruzvaz. Don't worry, my vision is fine!!
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 21 июля 2019
robbjarvis This is a public service announcement from your favourite itinerant wizard: ADOPT YOUR PETS! There are so many beautiful, lonely animals in this world. Many of whom, without loving homes, will end up on the streets or worse. I know it's tempting to buy an animal like a pair of shoes but you will never be loved by anyone the way you are by an animal you have rescued! This beautiful little fur baby is up for adoption in Ecuador with @fundacion_almanimal but if you're reading this on Instagram there is an animal adoption agency near you! Finally, thank you to @callejondiagon_gye for giving us the opportunity to make friends with these gorgeous three month old kittens.
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 09 июля 2019
robbjarvis Wake up. Get up. Fly.
Робби Джарвис в инстаграм – фото от 24 мая 2019
robbjarvis Robbin' banks and hiding bodies till August 10th. Link in bio!