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oprah For this month’s “The O.G. Chronicles,” @oprahmagazine quizzed us on how well we know the current slang words used by millennials. @gayleking knew most of them but it’s okay because you can’t slang shame me. All I know is that JOMO is my new favorite term! Head to OprahMag.com or tap the link in bio for the full video 😂
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oprah How many stories did you grow up watching that were centered around a black boy’s experience? There are so few. That’s why when @octarell_again pitched @davidmakesman to me, I had to listen—and it was the best pitch I ever heard. The series stars the amazing @akilimcdowell as David, a young boy in Florida trying to make it out of his poor neighborhood. Watch the premiere Wednesday, August 14 at 10|9c on @owntv and get ready for some black boy joy. #DavidMakesMan
oprah These 11 words taught me one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned: When your child enters the room, does your face light up? Thank you for that gift, Toni. The Toni Morrison conversation that changed my life will re-air tonight at 8 PM on @owntv. Timeless.
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oprah I can’t tell you how many times people have introduced me to their best friends as, “She’s my Gayle.” The reason our friendship has worked for over 40 years, without arguments or fallouts, is that we’ve always been happy with our own lives. A true friend can’t be jealous of you, or want to take advantage of you in any way. Ever since we met in 1976, we’ve been doing the same thing. Listening. Talking. Laughing (a lot). Building dreams. Cheering. Being a shoulder to cry on. Speaking the truth. Being the truth. And now? Posing for our FIRST @oprahmagazine cover for September’s friendship issue. Link in bio for more. 📸: @ruvenafanador
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oprah In the beginning was the Word. Toni Morrison took the word and turned it into a Song…of Solomon, of Sula, Beloved, Mercy, Paradise Love, and more. She was our conscience. Our seer. Our truth-teller. She was a magician with language, who understood the Power of words. She used them to roil us, to wake us, to educate us and help us grapple with our deepest wounds and try to comprehend them. It is exhilarating and life-enhancing every time I read and share her work. This pic was her first appearance on the Oprah Show. She was Empress-Supreme among writers. Long may her WORDS reign!
oprah Yes I have a chef but he doesn't work every day, so when I’m in the kitchen I like to get in and OUT. Here’s my quick fix: my new @othatsgood frozen skillets. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and dinner’s ready! Head over to the link in my bio or othatsgood.com to find a store near you #OThatsGoodPartner
oprah Final dinner for the Oyelowo’s. Do you still pray before every meal? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Link in bio for more #SaturdaysWithOprah
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oprah Isn’t this a beautiful sight? Since @queensugarown premiered in 2016, we’ve hired 35 female directors! And for 32 of those directors, it was their FIRST time directing a TV show. So proud of the work we’re doing over at @owntv. Thank you @ava for leading the charge!
oprah When I was a little girl, my grandma had one hydrangea bush and I only grew up knowing hydrangeas...and now I have a whole garden full of poppies, roses, peonies, and so much more! Take a tour of my garden in Hawaii by tapping the link in my bio or heading to OprahMag.com. It just makes me so giddy 🌷🌷🌷 #SaturdayswithOprah
oprah Love driving my “skooters”. Most fun when other friends like @niecynash1. @davidoyelowo and @ava can’t keep up! #livinmybestlife