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Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 17 сентября 2019
mathewfras Progress. Chipping away one day at a time. #HWPO - #thisoldbarn #dewalt
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 15 сентября 2019
mathewfras No lazy Sundays here.. get up, get that heart fluttering and get after today’s projects. #HWPO - I always have fun on the road seeing new places but this is the biggest perk of being home. My home set-up perched on a custom @roguesupplyco table. Currently working my way through an Ethiopian bean from @briocoffeeworks - #espresso #homebarista #lamarzocco @lamarzocco @lamarzoccohome #GS3 #GS3MP
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 12 сентября 2019
mathewfras After a week on the road, its nice to have some time back at the barn to hopefully finish up a few projects before traveling again. Always great when @iamtylerarmstrong stops by to check on my work / progress. #HWPO - #thisoldbarn #bestie
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 11 сентября 2019
mathewfras ❗️RAFFLE ❗️ - The @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun in 2018 was such a cool experience. From the run itself to the time spent with the kids at the gym, it’s a trip we’ll always remember. As someone who got sober at a young age, I know how important having a supportive network is. The @kealafoundation believes through community they can equip people with the tools to be successful and overcome any challenge. - I’m raffling off a Games Jersey to help boost my fundraising page. Raffle closes on 9/16! LINK IN BIO #HWPO - @kealafoundation #ultimatehawaiiantrailrun
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 10 сентября 2019
mathewfras Back to training also means back to mobility work, and can be summarized in 3 words: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. #HWPO - @gowod_mobilityfirst #gowod #mobilityfirst #mobility
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 09 сентября 2019
mathewfras Why @steadymd? Because I’m not going to risk sub-par training. #HWPO -- If I’m able to be sick less frequently throughout the year, that adds up and it makes a HUGE difference for me. If I get a cold once every couple of months, then that makes my training subpar for 4,5,6 days. If I do that a couple of times a year then I just made a whole month of my training subpar. I’ve learned the importance of personal health and see the value in keeping my immune system healthy with the help of my @SteadyMD doctor. Healthcare isn't just sick care. It's preventing illness. -- When I was younger I thought that I could out-train a bad diet or a poor sleep schedule. Now, I understand the value in doing warm-ups, cool-downs, sleeping well, and having a doctor on call to KEEP me healthy. Working with my @SteadyMD doctor who’s also a CrossFitter makes a huge difference for me. Click on the link in my bio to take their quiz and get matched to the right doctor for you.
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 08 сентября 2019
mathewfras Excited to watch my first live tennis match. I wasn’t planning on making the trip, but because @tiaclair1 and @sammymoniz are over in Austria having a fun time, @shaneorr01 and I decided to have some fun of our own. #HWPO #USOPEN
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 06 сентября 2019
mathewfras You can’t buy good neighbors, but if you could, I’d pay big bucks for this one. - Loving the long days at the Barn. No plans to turn it into anything, just enjoying the work put in to preserve what’s there. #HWPO
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 05 сентября 2019
mathewfras Crushing the “cool uncle” game. #HWPO - #kippyman @tylerarmstrongmasonry @klc888sc
Мэтью Фрейзер в инстаграм – фото от 04 сентября 2019
mathewfras Running through the resistance cycle a lot these days. It’s low impact on the body while still getting my muscles working. #HWPO - @CompexUSA #CompexMini #FeelNextLevel #portable #bluetooth