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Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 31 мая 2020
markwebber Fighting another virus.
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 28 мая 2020
markwebber 12 years ago today you gave my life a deeper meaning. You’re the greatest gift that keeps on giving. It’s such a beautiful thing watching you grow from a boy into a young man. I love you beyond words. I also know I’ll have to show you this post because it’s not on tik tok. Happy birthday my little munch. Last year before you’re a teenager 🤯💥♥️
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 18 мая 2020
markwebber This could be my last post, if you didn’t already follow me, you’d find it after a quick search of my name. It’d be the post you could leave some comments on with Rest In Peace and heart emojis. It’d be the post you could use to try and piece together my final moments, where I was before I passed, how long in between the post and my death, what kind of headspace I was in. This would be it. I did this all yesterday, like I’ve done before for others who’ve left us. Every death I’ve experienced I have a moment of intense presence, where I feel pulled into the moment in a way that feels razor sharp. My senses feel heightened and my breath feels like a gift, everything feels like a gift. I instantaneously start a gratitude list in my head and everyone I love feels like a gift and all of my perceived problems don’t feel like problems anymore, they feel like gifts. Everything. Feels. Like. A. Gift. The only thing I know for certain in this life is that we’re all going to die. Part of our human condition is that we forget this simple universal truth, or we choose to not think about it because it feels heavy or sad, but the older I get this fact gives me peace and inspiration. I want to live each moment like it’s my last. Choosing love, joy and compassion at every twist and turn. Fighting for the things I believe in while keeping an open heart to hear yours. I want to feel closer to you. I want to understand your perspective. I want to talk about the hard stuff and then cry and laugh together. I want to create things, art and dreams that bring us closer together and not further apart. I don’t want this to be my last post but I want to live like it could be.
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 09 мая 2020
markwebber Both of these beautiful, brave strong women gave me life and saved my life...Happy Mother’s Day to two of the most amazing Moms I know! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Mothers out there, we’re literally all nothing without you.
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 01 мая 2020
markwebber 30 years ago to the day, May 1st 1990, I was homeless and living on the streets with my mom. We would take over abandoned buildings to sleep in. A documentary was made about it called “Takeover”. Now I get to post pictures of myself sitting by the ocean with colorful sweatpants on from the comforts of my iPhone. The thing is I’ve never really been comfortable though, I’ve never been comfortable with having money in my bank account and knowing someone else’s family has none. Having two homes, while so many have none. So I’m grateful I found an extraordinary woman who feels the same way @teresapalmer and is raising our children with a sense of responsibility to lift up those in need. I share this with you here not for praise or to make you feel bad if you don’t feel the same way. I share this with you here because I think it’s important to share your truths and say how you really feel. Don’t be afraid to sound dumb, entitled, tone deaf, righteous, radical, raw, whatever. Just be you. And don’t be afraid to contradict yourself. Or change your stance, opinions or thoughts. Especially on this platform because I’m deeply inspired by so many of your lives. I love all the pretty pictures and the bad ones, the real ones, the fake ones, the mean ones, the sad ones and the scary ones because I believe we’re all one...
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 25 апреля 2020
markwebber I’m dreaming big dreams. I’m dreaming big dreams for the kids who feel lost. I’m dreaming big dreams for the kids who can’t eat, who don’t have a home. I’m dreaming big dreams for the adults who think it’s too late to dream, who think the world is too broken and there’s no point anymore. I’m dreaming big dreams for you and for me. When you dream I dream and when I dream you dream. For the ones who’ve lost somebody I believe they are still here with us, with you, with me. I believe the ones I’ve lost are helping me dream big dreams right now. I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us.
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 12 апреля 2020
markwebber What was life before you? I surely don’t know, if I try and remember, your eyes tell me no, they say no daddy, be right here, sit with me in this moment to keep our Hearts pure, I’m a strong little woman and I’ll help you fight the fear, the fear of not knowing, the fear you’re not showing, the fear you’ll stop growing, will all fade away, if you just stay right here and continue to play, so I hold you even tighter on your first birthday and look up at the sun that is leading our way.
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 12 марта 2020
markwebber 💘
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 28 февраля 2020
markwebber Peace
Марк Уэббер в инстаграм – фото от 25 февраля 2020
markwebber When you step into the light, so do I, Happy Birthday my love.