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Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 15 мая 2020
laurenpaul8 You're hot.
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 11 мая 2020
laurenpaul8 Thank you Story for introducing me to the most pure love I'll ever know. ♥️ Thank you mamma @debrakparsekian for showing me the way.
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 07 мая 2020
laurenpaul8 Ahmaud Arbery. Know his name. He was 25 years old. His mothers name is Wanda Cooper. She gave birth to him on Mother's Day. He had an older brother and an older sister. He was the baby in the family but in his mother's words "He was his brother and sisters keeper." He loved @kingjames and @kobebryant. He was an incredible football player. He always said "Thank you" and always said "I love you" to his mother when he left the house. Sports and fitness were a huge part of his life. Wanda said "If it wasn't drenching rain, Ahmaud ran. He ran every day. He was a runner." The whole neighborhood knew he was an avid runner. He had a humble and gracious spirit. . These are all words Ahmauds mother, Wanda, shared in a recent interview. Watching that interview shattered my heart for many obvious reasons but one that I can't shake was her temperament as she talked about her beloved son and what she has discovered since he was murdered while jogging in their neighborhood. It is a heartbreaking reminder of the fact that black mothers and fathers in this country live their lives with the guttural knowledge that their sons could be executed at any moment if they're not "careful." You can feel her quiet numbness to a life lived with that reality beating in her mothering heart. I refuse to accept that this will continue to be a part of our nations story. @sophiabush said it perfect, "SPEND YOUR PRIVILEGE." Spend time with his smile. Read this story. Look at the faces of his murderers. Demand #justiceforahmaud. I put some action steps in my story.
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 27 апреля 2020
laurenpaul8 This Mourning Dove and two little ones have been growing on our porch for the last few weeks. She was here last Spring too and with her hard work, sent eight new tiny wings out into the world. We've been very careful to build a quiet, peaceful sense of trust with her. When she first laid her eggs, her wings would contract if we walked outside near her, so we took note and adjusted our routine, not to stress her out. Now, she doesn't even flinch when we sit close to her. This morning, Aaron and I were having coffee next to them. About 30 minutes into conversation, Aaron noticed the papa bird perched on the roof, watching us. A few minutes passed and he was still there, watching. Aaron had a thought. What if he isn't watching, he's waiting? "Let's take our coffee downstairs and let them do their thing. I think he wants to fly over here," Aaron said. We walked inside and closed the door and seconds later, that papa bird flew right over to the nest to do whatever essential papa bird thing he had to do, clear of the humans. It was such a simple thing but it gave my heart a thud. How different would the world look if we took time to listen and coexist with other living things, big and small? To choose not to crush the spider. At the very least, surely some more deep thuds of the heart.
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 22 апреля 2020
laurenpaul8 can you hear us out there moon? do you see us? does our earth look at you with longing as you taunt her with your uncomplicated, barren landscape? does she whisper to you about the days when her and her guests lived in harmony with each other, before the humans came and took such deep advantage of her? does an unconditional motherly love overcome her as she confides in you her willingness to feed and shelter her children in spite of their abuse? does she seem sad and lonely? moon, tell her we're sorry. tell her we love her. tell her we're trying. that we're learning and growing and that we will do our best to protect her. tell her thank you. for our air and our food and our views. for sunsets and trees and waves and thunderstorms and mountains and sunflowers. for our whole lives. and keep her company out there, will you? . #earthday . 📷 @jedidiahjenkins
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 30 марта 2020
laurenpaul8 Missing all of you humans so much! You are all so special to me! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 📷 @kennyjamez
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 21 марта 2020
laurenpaul8 Drawn by @sandrianarts Sandy Parsekian, Barcelona Spain. Sandy is my aunt. I grew up visiting her in Spain, getting to know that beautiful country as a home away from home. She's an incredible artist and she has creatively inspired me my entire life. I love you and miss you so much. Thank you for sending this to me today for #quarantineandcreate ♥️ If you want to DM your art to me during this time, please post it in your story and tag me, that way I can just re-post it. It's a bit of a challenge to screenshot, copy and paste everything. Post your art to your story with your name, age, location, some words for humanity and tag me.♥️ We are in this together. I don't know what the future holds. I feel like I'm living in a tide. Waves of confusion and sadness and fear and then appreciation and gratitude and love and then back to sadness and so on and so forth. Thinking about how all of this is affecting humans all over the world. Their mental health, their physical health, their job security, their families etc. I just wanna say, I love you. I feel you as my own brother or sister. In the depths of the anxiety and uncertainty, I know one thing for sure. When this is all over, we will look each other in the eyes with a deeper sense of connection, understanding and love. All of humanity finally has one common goal. When we walk down the streets again one day, and we smile and nod at each other, we will just know.
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 16 марта 2020
laurenpaul8 Obsessed with these handmade pieces from @kpasamufasa in Pasadena, CA. She mixed things she already had with things she collected outside in nature and made gifts for friends. #quarantineandcreate I have SO many messages with the coolest art! I won't be able to post everything but I'm doing my best! It's so beautiful seeing people use this time to be creative and thoughtful. Check out my story for more. I made a highlight reel too so that they can all stay in one place. 💫
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 16 марта 2020
laurenpaul8 Stacey, 32, North Carolina, March 13th, 2020 I created this based on its a small world.. because I want my son to grow up in a world where he knows empathy and love! By @stacegray -who is also the owner of @pennypetalspegdolls 💓 . I've already received such amazing art! I am going to post everything I receive in my story and will randomly post some on my page. I love this so much! #quarantineandcreate
Лорен Пол в инстаграм – фото от 16 марта 2020
laurenpaul8 Story, Age 2, Los Angeles, CA, March 15th, 2020. I've never felt our fragile humanity more. I've never felt so much a part of the whole. We are in this together. . I've been thinking about ways in which we can exercise our brains and connect with each other during this time. We have been self-quarantined for the last few days (as EVERY person should if you are in a position to do so. It is your civic duty and likely will be required in the near future at the rate we are going.) While we were painting today, I felt inspired to try something. I want to post someone's art and words once a day while we are all going through this together. As we social distance and quarantine, let's get collectively creative. Paint, doodle, write poetry and ideas down, create SOMETHING. This is a great thing to practice if you are parents with kids out of school! I wonder what the energy of our collective creativity can do. . DM me something you paint, draw, write or create during this time and I am going to post them every day. Include your name, age, where you live, the date it was created and some short words you want to share with your fellow human beings and I will include that. . At the very least, hoping this will spread some love, some ideas and make us feel more connected and less alone. 🌎🌏🌍 #quarantineandcreate

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