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Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 31 мая 2020
lozcurtis I don’t even know where to begin... but I don’t want to be silent. Racial discrimination is not, has never been, and will never be, ok. It cannot be something we get used to hearing about and then detach from. It cannot be something we choose to be ignorant to because it does not affect us. It cannot be something we only discuss privately. We (those of privilege) must be as vocal as those who are suffering, because this is not about ‘them’ and ‘us’. This requires unity. This is a problem that was caused by us, and one that must be fixed by us. Especially as Australians, we cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in America simply because we don’t live there and it’s “their problem to solve”. Racism towards our Indigenous Australians is so ingrained into the foundation and culture of our country that it has now disguised itself as casual racism. Those little jokes you make, the derogatory terms you use, the way you’ll see someone with darker skin than yours and instantly assume you’re in danger. Just because it’s been so normalised does not mean it is normal. I’m sure most of the people reading this are not racist, and are proud to be that way. But unfortunately that is simply not enough. Systems need to change. Attitudes need to change. Globally. Let’s start a conversation - what can those of us with privilege do to help those who are oppressed? How can we fight casual racism? How can we help speak for those whose voices are never listened to? How can we clearly get the message across that Black Lives Matter?
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 26 мая 2020
lozcurtis A month or so ago (in my own time) I started taking the @bondiboost hair growth vitamins in an attempt to reduce excess hair loss and strengthen it from the inside out 💊 It’s one thing to have fast-growing hair, but another for it to be healthy and strong enough to stay that length 💪🏻 A few weeks later I got an email asking if I’d like to work with them on their vitamins - I love those synchronicities when working with brands! So far so good - less hair fall (of course some is completely normal) and overall breakage. The capsules are vegan and full of all the important vitamins and essential ingredients like biotin, vitamin B6, C and E, folic acid and zinc. I also reordered the intensive spray after running out and I swear that has helped too! I just spray it on my roots after I’ve washed my hair and before I blow dry it. Have you noticed a difference when taking hair vitamins? #bondiboost #boostyourroots #sp
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 25 мая 2020
lozcurtis I’m telling ya, @boohoo jeans are underrated 👖 These are my new wide leg pair (size 8). I often find that the popular jean brands are too long for my legs, but Boohoo ones are always almost perfect. I’m 164cm tall or 5’4 for reference! You can use my code LAURENC for 50% off the AU/NZ website 🥰
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 23 мая 2020
lozcurtis Precious little Olli crawled over to me, grabbed onto my hands and started dancing with a grin on his angelic little face 🥺😭 Truly honoured @laurenduce 🥰😌😂
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 12 мая 2020
lozcurtis I’m alive! 👋🏻 Has anyone else been feeling really... off recently? I have 🥴 It’s why I haven’t been active on my socials. Super unmotivated and uninspired, feeling like I’m stuck in limbo just trying to pass the days. It’s weird cos normally I love doing absolutely nothing 😅 but when you’re forced to (for very good reason) for a prolonged period of time it just feels kinda Groundhog Day-ish and loses its appeal. I feel better today, so I whipped out my camera, dusted it off and filmed a good old-fashioned chatty GRWM for YouTube. I’m editing it now so it should be up sometime tomorrow. Hang in there, folks! Times are weird at the moment but it will all eventually pass. It always does 😘
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 01 мая 2020
lozcurtis Super proud of my poly gel nails 💅🏻 This was my second attempt. Learning a new skill/finding a new hobby during iso has been really great and gives me something to look forward to (awaiting deliveries and changing nail colours/styles 😄) 👏🏻 Have you learned a new skill or found a new hobby recently? 🧐 ps. All info regarding what I used is in the link in my bio under ‘Aus nail products’ if you’re Aussie, or ‘US nail products’ if you’re overseas. I’ve also created a ‘nails’ highlight on my page 🥰
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 30 апреля 2020
lozcurtis CUFFED OR UNCUFFED?! I always prefer cuffed jeans cos I’m short but I’m open to other opinions 😂👖 Full outfit from @boohoo, code ‘LAURENC’ gets you 50% off AU/NZ website 💕
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 23 апреля 2020
lozcurtis If not now, when? 🌻 I’m delving deep into this on the @mentalmakeoverpodcast today. We're all in this habit of saying "one day" or, "I'd love to do that, but -" and we confine ourselves to the bounds of the 'safer' option, not realising what we're giving up in the process. It's so easy to get caught in the routine of wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, wake up, etc, not only because it's what everyone else is doing so it appears normal, but also because we keep ourselves so busy and stressed that we don't even allow ourselves the opportunity to think outside the box and to entertain the idea of a different way of life. With everything happening in the world right now, I've been reflecting on this myself almost daily. How much do I actually need? What do I actually need? What makes me happy? What am I only doing out of obligation and fear? What are my dreams? How do I get there? What's stopping me? Is pursuing them actually as risky and scary as I thought or have I just been conditioned to believe that? We've all got this little voice inside of us that presents us with the idea of an alternate way of life (whatever that might look like for each of us) that we shrug off and disregard because it seems unrealistic and far-fetched. We like the safety, security and false perception of certainty that our current life provides us, so even if we long for a deeper sense of fulfilment and joy, we always go back to the 'safer' option. If coronavirus has taught us anything, it's that absolutely nothing is guaranteed (namely our income and health), so why not listen to that little voice inside of you that wants you to be happy, and do that thing you've always wanted to do but haven't out of fear? 🌼 If you’re interested in hearing more, search Mental Makeover wherever you get your podcasts 💘 #mentalmakeoverpodcast
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 21 апреля 2020
lozcurtis Tried out the @bitebeauty Changemaker Complexion System 🌼 The foundation is a longwearing, clean formulation with a really beautiful medium coverage that can be built up if desired. It’s one of those special formulas that keeps your skin looking like skin just a little more.. flawless (which is exactly what I’m after these days) ☺️ I used the normal to dry primer (my skin is usually normal to oily, but it’s felt a little dry recently), the foundation in shade L40 and the powder in shade light 2. The entire #NewFaceOfClean collection is completely clean, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free (yep, that’s a thing with beauty products too!) 🌱 I really enjoyed playing with these and genuinely stoked that they’re vegan 🙏🏻 Proof that you can make high quality makeup without exploiting animals 🐇 It’s available online at @sephoraaus 🛍 #CleanUpYourComplexion #sponsored
Лорен Кертис в инстаграм – фото от 20 апреля 2020
lozcurtis 🚫 CLOSED 🚫 GIVEAWAY! 🤩👏🏻 To celebrate the launch of STAX.’s new Premium Seamless V2 Collection dropping this Friday the 24th, I've teamed up with STAX. to give 1 lucky winner 18 NEW Premium Seamless V2 Collection pieces valued at over $1000!!! 😱 Honestly this collection will take your breath away. I haven’t been this impressed by an activewear line in a very long time! ➖ TO ENTER: ⁣ ➖ 1. Follow @staxofficial_⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ➖ 2. Share the post on your stories & tag @staxofficial_ ➖ 3. Tag your friends ⁣⁣⁣⁣(more tags = more chances)⁣ The winner will be chosen by STAX. over on their page, so keep an eye out and GOOD LUCK! 🍀 ps. I have a 10% off discount code for the launch on Friday, too: LAUREN10 😏 #stax #sp