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Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 23 мая 2020
heatherglasby A little mid day baby duck feeding 😍
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 22 мая 2020
heatherglasby This sweet girl turned a year old today. I’m so thankful that God’s plan is better than mine. Mine was indecisive and easier and controlled. God’s was wild and unexpected and immensely better. I toiled for years over having a 4th baby, up and down and yes and no and finally God decided for us (of course after I finally settled on a NO). I’m so thankful now that she came along. Our family finally feels complete. I never thought I would feel “done” having babies, but I finally do and that’s such an answer to prayer. To know our family is all here is such a blessing to me!
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 18 мая 2020
heatherglasby It was a bittersweet moment when the kids came running up to tell us they taught Maizy how to ride her bike with no training wheels. We were really excited for her but sad we missed that moment. I guess that’s kind of how it goes sometimes with the third kid, the siblings can step in and help with things that we would normally do. Either way we cheered her on watching her ride her bike up and down the street. I said “Maizy I’m so proud of you!” and she replied “I’m so proud of myself!” 😍
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 18 мая 2020
heatherglasby We’ll see how this goes 😂 The three of them insisted on camping in the yard tonight and they’re doing it! I’m hoping they’ll just sleep in there all night and that no one (coughMaizycough) starts screaming in the middle of the night. It’s pretty cute, i hope it becomes a regular thing for them!! Update: Maizy lasted less than an hour out there 😂 she’s asleep in her bed because the sound of the frogs scared her!
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 17 мая 2020
heatherglasby I’ve made a quilt for each of my babies and I just finished my last one. It feels little strange knowing I did it. Daphne’s was fully made before she was born except for the binding and I did it just in time to give it (back) to her for her first birthday. I can’t really put into words what it feels like to know your last baby is almost through one year. We’ve done this 4 times and each time has been such a joy. It gets a bit (a lot) harder once they pass one year (😂😳😭🤬🥰). I was never a baby person before I had kids, I didn’t even really like kids much if I’m being honest. I never babysat a day in my life, never changed a diaper and had hardly ever held a baby before Myles was born. Now here I am 8 years later with 4 little people under my care...it’s hard, so hard. But it’s also really awesome and really fun. There are times when I feel overjoyed with my kids and times when I feel like I could use a drink at 10am (and I hardly ever drink) and hide in my closet. I’m no where near through it all but this feels like a milestone. Our family is complete, we’re all here.
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 16 мая 2020
heatherglasby With all this quarantine “time” on our hands we added 7 new garden beds to our #glasbygarden this year. We’ve been planning on it for a while but decided now was the time! All this being shut in is finally getting to us. Myles is going nuts being the only boy and wanting to play with other kids. I just want life to go back to normal. How are you guys doing? It’s getting rough around here.
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 13 мая 2020
heatherglasby This little plumperton (we like to pretend she’s fat) is just about one year old! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, the kids even say it went too fast! This kid is a beast! She’s my biggest “handful” of a baby ever. From climbing into the dishwasher every time it’s open to climbing on top of the dinner table 2,000 times a day and sometimes falling off to trying to plunge head first into the toilet from the stool. But I just love the crap out of her and I’m so glad she’s here!
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 12 мая 2020
heatherglasby It is SO satisfying to grow your own food. We’ve always worked hard to make sure we have a big garden and it’s always worth the work. I love that the kids eat food straight from the garden that they would refuse to eat otherwise (like radishes and spinach). I love the excitement to see what’s grown every morning, especially after a big rain and a hot day. And I love the satisfaction of knowing we can feed our family from our backyard. . . . . . #glasbygarden #pnwgardening #pnwgarden #gardeningwithkids #homesteading #pnwhomestead #plantingseason #familygarden #familygardening #bellinghamgardeners #pnwkids #growyourownfood #selfsustaining #raisinggardeners
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 11 мая 2020
heatherglasby Happy Mother’s Day to my mama! Trying to take one photo together turn into a should shenanigan and I’m ok with it. I’m so thankful for the mom I have and so so thankful my parents live 10 minutes away. I feel like it’s hard (it was for me anyway) to fully appreciate my parents hard work until I had kids of my own. Thank you to all the hard working mamas out there, you deserve a day... or a week 😂 I’m not going to pretend Mother’s Day has been this magical happy day. It’s been great, a little rough and I still had to break up kid fights. But right now I am alone on my porch and I ate ice cream at 10am so.. yah, I’d call it a success.
Хизер Глэсби в инстаграм – фото от 10 мая 2020
heatherglasby It was nice to feel “normal” and head to our favorite river spot and take our yearly photo in the same spot. I am such a sucker for traditions and I hope we do this one forever. I want to be 93 being wheeled out to this spot with all my kids for this photo. Daphne just missed the photos last year by a week but it’s so fun to have her here now! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there!