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Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 31 мая 2020
fernemccann Its not enough to just show support from the sidelines. This needs all of us to be front and centre lending our voices to keep a spotlight on the murder of George Floyd & racial injustice. We all have a part to play in this & need to give our full support. Feeling uncomfortable is not enough. We should all feel much more uncomfortable staying silent knowing that other human beings (the same as you and me) are not afforded the same rights, the same privileges or the same freedom. I can’t possibly understand how this feels but I do understand this is NOT right! Here’s how we can help. #alllivesdontmatteruntilblacklivesmatter #georgefloyd
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 30 мая 2020
fernemccann It was all going so well...we found where the fairies live 🧚🏼 spotted a few squirrels 🐿 & even managed to get Miss Sunday in a dress & hair up 😱👏🏼🙌🏼...until she had a fall, grazed her knee & had to be carried the whole way home 🤣 luckily Bun Bun was there to soften the blow 🐰💗
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 29 мая 2020
fernemccann You carry so much love in your heart...give some to yourself ❣️. ____________________________________________________ How cool are these images that were captured on Facetime last week. I have been crushing over these sets from @georgeatasda ❤️ #Wearegeorge #ad #Georgeatasda
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 27 мая 2020
fernemccann Tastes real sweet 😋🍭. ___________________________________________ Swipe for a smile ⬅️. I have been crushing over lilac & tie dye recently. So two in one is the dream. @soukibelair newness ‘Sorrento Skirt’ 💜.
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 23 мая 2020
fernemccann Me with no stennies x 4 😁. _________________________________________________ Never did I think I would ever be extension free after 7 years.... #lockdown has saved my hair. And to all my girls who have suffered with broken, bleached, hair you will feel me 🙌🏼
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 21 мая 2020
fernemccann When your aiming for a cool, edgy shot but your main chick isn’t feeling it.....AT ALL 🙈🤣
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 19 мая 2020
fernemccann New day. New thoughts. New strengths. New possibilities. Focus on the good and show love TODAY 🌞🙏🏼
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 15 мая 2020
fernemccann Oh Sunday Skye 🦋
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 11 мая 2020
fernemccann What day is it again......? 🤪
Ферн Макканн в инстаграм – фото от 10 мая 2020
fernemccann ‘Muscle up...Buttercup’ 💛🌼. _________________________________________________ Here’s a few pics from yesterday’s daily exercise. Sunday as you know doesn’t like to get dressed. So I’m going with the whole ‘encouraging her to pick her own outfits’ tactic. So here’s her #ottd - a creased tee, as I’m sorry but I’m not ironing her clothes when she doesn’t even wear them! Shorts from a kimono set that we got from Japan (so random) 👘 & the jellies, well she only ever wants to wear her igor jellies. Then moans when she gets stones in them on our walks 🤣. She doesn’t like having her hair done anymore so it’s scraped back like this the little scruff pot...but you know what...who cares. She’s happy...I’m happy 💛😃...little moments like this aren’t little 💛💛. Ps. The third pic I was trying to teach Sunday to do the peace sign ✌🏼🤣 didn’t quite work out to plan this time. Name the film & character the quote is from 😉⬇️ & Tag a friend with a strong willed daughter who might be in need of some support 🖤⬇️⬇️