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Даррен Крисс в инстаграм – фото от 20 мая 2020
darrencriss So glad to announce that my zany little love note to the plight of songwriters, “ROYALTiES" is finally droppin' June 1st on @quibi! It's funny and weird and scrappy and cute and the songs are pretttty rockin if I do say so myself… Can't wait for you to get in on the wackiness!
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darrencriss Here’s why I love going to fan conventions- in 1997 I went to a Star Wars convention and my wildest dreams came true. There’s too many stories to tell from that special day but my favorite was how kind Sir Anthony Daniels was to me and my mom after we ran into him in a busy hallway. Maybe he was charmed by a 10-year-old instantly recognizing him sans C-3PO getup or maybe he just fancied my mom (scoundrel! 😉), either way he did something that I’ve now tried to emulate in my own career time and time again: when I asked for a photo, he politely said it was too crowded a place to do that- and indeed he was right, it absolutely would have drawn more attention than would have been safe in that particular area- and proceeded to covertly lead us to a safer place just outside one of the hall’s exits where I got to have my own, very excited, private moment with the man himself. He chatted briefly with me and my mom, posed for some pictures, bid us adieu, and casually jumped back into the fray. There is no possible way he should remember this, but obviously I certainly do, as my mom and I have relished this memory ever since. And as I’ve gone along in my own wacky adventure as an occasionally recognizable person, I’ve always done my damnedest to give that same moment back if I could help it. I find it apropos I was in the FOURTH grade when this happened. And so, twenty three years later, I’d like to take a moment on this commemorative fan day to say thank you, @anthonydanielsofficial for giving me that wonderful little piece of your time and attention. Congratulations on the new book, and May the Fourth be with you always.
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darrencriss What, you didn’t think we’d have our own little premiere party? This is HOLLYWOOD, darling.
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darrencriss In the 1940s, Hollywood was a service to millions around the world who were living in fear of an unseeable enemy somewhere outside their door, uncertain of the future. It provided an alternative version of reality for audiences to escape to... 🤯. HOLLYWOOD streaming now on @netflix
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darrencriss Charles William Criss, Jr. May 1941 - April 2020
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darrencriss ... and this is why I love my brother. Happy birthday to one of my best friends in the whole world. @charlescriss
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darrencriss It’s a jungle out there... But you can monkey around with me from the comfort of your own home Thursday at 8/7c on ABC! #DisneyFamilySingalong @abcnetwork
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darrencriss Lights. Camera. Take Action. May 1. @hollywoodnetflix @netflix @mrrpmurphy
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darrencriss Tramp Stamp Granny’s turns 2 years old tonight. And in that short period of time, it has become so much more than just a bar to us. It's a whole vibe, a community, a celebration of being connected together through the power of song (though the booze doesn’t hurt 😉). And that’s thanks to the regular patrons, the wonderful pianists, our killer staff, and anyone who’s ever walked in and decided they were gonna sing along with a stranger. You’ve all contributed to making it more magical than we ever hoped. In these times of separation, it truly makes one appreciate just how joyous experiencing things with your fellow humans in person can be, and I for one certainly can’t wait for us to re-open our doors when the time is right to feel that joy again! Until then, there IS good to sitting alone in your room… We hope you can come hear the music play soon. Stay safe out there gang, and here’s to many more! 🎼🍸🎶🍹 🎹
Даррен Крисс в инстаграм – фото от 04 апреля 2020
darrencriss Had such an unbelievable time this past year with @steveaoki. One of the hardest working dudes in the biz, and just a wonderful dude to kick it with. Thank you for your generous spirit and for including me in your adventures, Steve. Proud to be a part of #NeonFutureIV! #MatchaMen