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Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 18 мая 2020
camila_cabello “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 16 мая 2020
camila_cabello “love risks everything and asks for nothing”- Rumi, my poetry quote of the day 🌺 how are your hearts?
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 11 мая 2020
camila_cabello “if I know what love is, it is because of you” 🌹
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 05 мая 2020
camila_cabello thank you for everything. 🌹
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 02 мая 2020
camila_cabello reminder to you and to me today: sometimes we must collapse and crumble, but we are and have always been infinite
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 28 апреля 2020
camila_cabello you don’t actually bore me I would never say that I think you’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 26 апреля 2020
camila_cabello “It is a blessing to know a free woman. Sometimes she will stop by and hold up a mirror for you. She will help you remember who you are.” - excerpt from a book that is changing my life right now. who’s reading what right now? im reading untamed by @glennondoyle and it’s like she’s speaking to my soul. there’s this chapter where she is talking about how she spent her 20s feeling like there was this perfect human somewhere who woke up every day feeling confident and great and clear and calm and like life was easy, I feel like I was going down that path too, feeling like i somehow was doing this life thing wrong because it felt hard, feeling like something was wrong with me- then she says “the only thing that was wrong with me is thinking that there was something wrong with me.” The amount of times I’ve made physical sounds to myself at the things I read in this book is embarrassing LOL, so many a ha moments but this was a big one for me. Feeling terrified and sad and overwhelmed and underwhelmed and confused and anxious and insecure and dark and then happy and confident and on fire and like life is a miracle and full of light IS being human. and things feeling hard doesn’t mean you’re doing wrong, it means you’re doing it RIGHT. it means you’re ALIVE. and like glennon says we have to let go of the fact that we think it’s supposed to be easy. UGH. I needed to hear that in this chapter of my life. OK I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE THIS BOOK AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH ME OR YOU OR ANYONE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH THE SAME CRAZY CONFUSING ROLLERCOASTER SHIT BECAUSE THATS WHAT WE SIGNED UP FOR WHEN WE SIGNED UP FOR BEING ALIVE AND I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 15 апреля 2020
camila_cabello Can’t wait for Saturday ❤️❤️❤️ Visit globalcitizen.org/togetherathome for more info! @glblctzn #TogetherAtHome
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 11 апреля 2020
camila_cabello my mama found these pics, throwback to last year at SNL, the last time I had my face beat which feels like three thousand years ago- now it’s dark eyebags and big pores city
Камила Кабельо в инстаграм – фото от 08 апреля 2020
camila_cabello Kids are the light of this whole world!!!!! We hung out with some friends at the hospital in DC yesterday - thanks @ryanfoundation for bringing smiles to these kids, who are brave and spunky and warriors everyday!

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