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Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 27 мая 2020
barbrastreisand We all have a role to play to prevent the spread of #COVID19 in the Amazon. Join me at the Artists United for Amazonia: Protect the Protectors Livestream event tomorrow, May 28th 8pm ET/5pm PT. Link in bio. #AmazonEmergencyFund #COVID19 #IndigenousRights #HumanRights #Amazon #AmazonRainforest #Artists4Amazonia #OneAmazonia
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 24 мая 2020
barbrastreisand What a sad day.
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barbrastreisand Another beautiful soul lost... From the @nytimes: “After nearly 40 years as a physician, Dr. James Mahoney, 62, could have retired. Others his age, including his older brother, also a doctor, stopped seeing hospital patients as the pandemic loomed, worried that age or health issues put them in greater danger than younger colleagues. Friends, family and fellow physicians begged Dr. Mahoney to do the same. He had been on the front lines for AIDS, the crack epidemic, the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Hurricane Sandy. Why not skip this one, they asked. Take a break, save yourself. He would not do it. Dr. Mahoney belonged on the floor, and that is where he would stay, until the end. On April 27, he succumbed to the virus he had fought so vigorously.”
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 22 мая 2020
barbrastreisand In memory of my beloved Samantha on her birthday 💛🐾
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 22 мая 2020
barbrastreisand Another sweet soul gone. ・・・ Bill Mantell was a friendly face to the regulars at Variety Drugs in Jamaica, Queens, for over 30 years. “He did a lot for the community and I think he liked that,” his wife Carole told us. He held brown bag meetings for older patients, where he’d fill them in on each of their medications, and hired young people who lived in the neighborhood. - Bill was passionate about his store, his wife and two daughters - Gail and Jenna - and the community - so much so that he continued working in his pharmacy when Covid-19 hit. Bill contracted Covid-19, and died at the age of 68 on April 17th. “We’re so proud that he was our dad,” his daughter Gail told us. “It’s unfair. He was so good and deserved so much more.” - Despite having had a stroke the past summer, Carole told us: “He said, ‘I own a pharmacy. My patients need their medications.’ He didn’t think twice about not going in, but it was definitely scary to him.” As a small, essential business, Bill struggled to find PPE at first. “He couldn’t get anything,” Carole said. Eventually, “he finally got in thermometers, masks and gloves, and was able to start to wear [gear], but everything was in really short supply,” she added. “One of his biggest issues was we were trying to figure out: How do you clean the cash registers, the credit card machines, if you don’t have a Clorox wipe?” Bill began developing Covid-19 symptoms in mid-March, right as he was finalizing the sale of his pharmacy. Around March 28th, his fever spiked, and with guidance from his primary care physician, he tried taking Zithromax and hydroxychloroquine, Carole told us. His symptoms persisted. - On April 6th, he fell and was rushed to Nassau University Medical Center in an ambulance. “One of the worst things is just that he was alone for two weeks,” Carole said. “Luckily he was a pharmacist. He knew some of what was going on. But he also got to a point where he was tired and he was weak and he couldn’t ask those questions anymore.” His condition worsened to the point that he needed to be put onto a ventilator, but he died shortly before he was supposed to be intubated. “It was shocking,” Carole told us. Rest In Peace, Bill.
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 22 мая 2020
barbrastreisand It's very important to see the faces of the people who have died of coronavirus. They should not just be a number. My heart goes out to Valentina Blackhorse, who was 28. She left a 1-year old daughter. Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, the White House butler who served 11 presidents, beginning with Eisenhower in 1957, just succumbed. "He was a lovely man," said George and Laura Bush. "He was the first person we saw in the morning when we left the residence and the last person we saw each night when we returned.
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 21 мая 2020
barbrastreisand Wearing a Cecil Beaton creation on the set of “On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever” which is coming to Blu-ray for the first time next week. #TBT
Барбра Стрейзанд в инстаграм – фото от 14 мая 2020
barbrastreisand #1972 #TBT
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barbrastreisand Happy birthday dearest Renata. We love you so much. 👏🏻❤️😇🐾🐾🐾
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barbrastreisand Mother’s Day...nothing makes me prouder than being your mom honey.