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Эшли Джадд в инстаграм – фото от 12 мая 2020
ashley_judd I am delighted to be the keynote speaker at the Project Athena Conference over Zoom on May 23, 2020, organized by a teenaged friend. The conference will be addressing sexism in education and different fields of work while encouraging girls to follow their dreams. A variety of women will be represented over the digital convention and will include a mix of speeches, Q+A sessions, and smaller discussions. This event is open to girls ages 11 - 14 -- only 450 spaces remain. Register here: https://projectathena2020.weebly.com/
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ashley_judd Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone Who Mothers. I am especially holding everyone who is struggling, overwhelmed, stressed, and grieving.
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ashley_judd Compassion means, literally, to suffer with. May we suffer with #ahmaudarbery ‘s family and loved ones, and our communities of color who live in fear of white supremacy. May we rigorously examine our own unconscious bias, privilege, and internal attitudes that inadvertently support systems of oppression and harm. May we always know, I cannot hurt another person without hurting myself.
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ashley_judd EMTs. Grocery store cashiers. Package deliverers. Home health aides. Millions of working women don’t have these five essential protections on the job. Add your name to demand that lawmakers pass @TIMESUPNOW’s policy platform by texting SIGN NOW to 306-44.
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ashley_judd Just be.
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ashley_judd Join me tomorrow at 11am EST / 8am PST for a conversation with @suemonkkidd as we discuss her new book, #TheBookofLongings. This is an inspirational read and I am so looking forward to discussing this #nytimesbestseller. Do you have a question that you want to ask Sue? Comment below on this post and it may be answered on Friday! See you tomorrow!
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ashley_judd Just two pretty pictures. That is all. #spring
Эшли Джадд в инстаграм – фото от 25 апреля 2020
ashley_judd Oh, yes. THIS book. #BookOfLongings by the beloved @suemonkkidd is beautiful, fascinating, compelling, breathtaking....I was torn between reading it compulsively and putting it down to draw it out longer. Meticulously researched, and equally as lived from a soul of her own longings for voice and the feminine divine, this book will capture and captivate you. And, I am so honored to announce I get to do an Instagram Live with Sue on 1 May, to be in conversation with her about her latest and soon to be cherished novel. You’re about to meet Ana, a young woman with largeness inside her, with longings and a need for voice, who also happens to be Jesus’ wife.
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ashley_judd Healthcare workers have shown their commitment to patients and the public. Let’s show our commitment to them. Tell Trump and Pence to get them the protective equipment they need. Click the link in my bio to sign. #Coronavirus #GetUsPPE #COVID-19 @moveon
Эшли Джадд в инстаграм – фото от 20 апреля 2020
ashley_judd Thank y’all so much for the kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. I wanted to share with you the innocence and creativity that has marked my days of celebration. I dreamt riots over when to re-open the American economy killed folks and then woke up an equally valid and literal reality of colored construction paper, five little voices singing, and their hands clasping mine as they led me to my birthday art treasures. We live in polarizing times that require my best non-binary thinking: both//and are true. My circumstances are placid and dear, #shelteredinplace with my Love in safety and calm in an orderly country with stable leadership. Yet I feel emotional and spiritual anguish about the loss of millions of jobs, the intimate partner violence and child abuse that has hellishly escalated and from which there is neither relief nor help. I am thankful for my meditation practice, and teachers over the years from @seanecorn to @janetstoneyoga to my preachers and @klontzted who have taught me to hold complexity and multiple truths at once. I am happy. I am unhappy with the state of the world. I live in freedom. I am not free until all people are free. I have choices. I must rest and practice self care. I will not rest and I must work ceaselessly to expand choices for the oppressed, the poor, the voiceless. I am grateful to be here. Yet I wish I were with my friends in a red light district Kolkata in India, where they are starving, or in an orphanage in Kentucky where some child is lonely. Who are we to question God? Yet my God has always cherished my doubt. S/he loves my feistiness and zeal. So on my birthday I give thanks for all if it, what we call good, the unknowing, the unbecoming, and most especially the spiritual gift I perhaps most appreciate: mercy. Above all, may we be merciful to each other. That is my birthday wish. #switzerland