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armelle_blog In my efforts to use less toxins in our household, I have been looking for years for a lawn care option that is pesticide and chemical free. I finally found @get_sunday lawn care system that is totally tailored to our lawn with a custom lawn and soil analysis. It is also packed with rich nutrients like food waste, iron, seaweed, and molasses! I feel so much better using a pesticide and chemical free lawn care system that gets delivered straight my your door for easy applications! Another cool thing is, it costs the same if not less than what we paid for other chemically laden lawn care systems in the past that I never felt comfortable using around my family with harmful chemicals. And, good news for you guys! 😎 I personally reached out to Sunday after discovering their amazing chemical free lawn care and was able to get a discount code for you all! Use the link in my profile, and code: ARMELLEBLOG30 at checkout for $30 off your lawn care system! I really hope you find this helpful! I know I have been searching high and low for a lawn care company I feel good about, without exposing my family to harmful products. So, I definitely wanted to pass the information along to you! #chemicalfreelawncare #naturalfertilizer #lawncare #getsunday #sundaylawncare
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armelle_blog I haven’t posted much about this on my feed over here, but I recently started a wellness account over on @armellebewell!✨ I love diving deeper into my wellness journey of mind, body, and spirit, so I hope you will join me on that account too!💛 So, I’ve been using essential oils for years, but this past year I have gotten really into diffusing them in my home. Oh man! I am obsessed! I have stopped burning any toxic/ fire hazard candles in my house, and have 100% moved over to diffusing oils, and I will never go back! I have used many different oil brands over the last 13 years, but have fallen in love with Young Livings essential oils, as well as so many of their other plant based non-toxic products! Just smelling their oils you can tell the difference and note the purity of their oils. Anyhow, it’s dreamy to have such amazing blends diffusing in my house. I don’t miss my candles one bit! On my hike today, my nose was running non-stop! That happens to me this time of year. 🤧 But, my favorite seasonal support blend that also smells AMAZING is Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon!✨👌🏼👌🏼💛 So good! Do you love diffusing oils in your home? Any favorite blends you love? #YLEO #seasonalsupport #wellness #naturalhealth #toxicfree #youngliving #healthyliving #essentialoils #essentialoilblends #oilymama #naturalmom #younglivingessentialoils
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armelle_blog Raise your hand if you are sick of making 1,000 meals a day?! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you are sick of doing 1,000 dishes a day?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ My muffin tin meals have been my go-to around here for years! Ever since my kids were tiny it’s been my perfect solution for a quick, easy, well balanced lunch that my kids have always loved! I’m sharing a bunch of tips in my stories/highlights. But, the real fun in all of this is that kids love a change of pace and making something out of the norm for them is something they respond to! When they get to help and get involved, they are much more likely to try new things! We love packing our muffin tin meals it to the park, or taking it with us on an adventure! They are also perfect for some school time snacking! And, the best part? No dishes! Just let them at it! A few toothpicks or skewers make it fun for them too! And, the sky is the limit for what you can add! Make it a theme, make it fun! Kids (and adults) love it! I have loved seeing all your muffin tin meals over the years! Be sure to tag me when you make your muffin tin meal! I want to repost and share all your good ideas! Enjoy! #armellemuffintinmeals #kidsfoodideas #muffintinmeals #healthyeating
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armelle_blog Anyone else baking up a storm staying at home? What is something new you’ve made while in quarantine? I’m not usually much of a baker, but I’ve found myself elbow deep in dough these day’s. I have to say, it’s been so therapeutic! I even made my very first batch of cinnamon rolls! It’s been fun to try out a few new recipes! We usually don’t bake a ton in our house with my husband’s gluten allergy. But, most Sunday’s Norah loves make her peanut butter and chocolate chip gluten free cookies! They are my most favorite cookie at the moment, and I love that they don’t give you that heavy gluten feeling after... for those of you who don’t eat a ton of gluten, you know what I mean right?!😉☺️ Her recipe is on my blog, hope you try it out! www.armelleblog.com #armellefood #norahscookies #quaratinebaking #glutenfreecookierecipe #glutenfree
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armelle_blog Often times during my meditations, my mind takes me to the most beautiful places. Places I have visited in real life. I can see them in my minds eye plain as day. Mountain tops, beaches, waterfalls, a cliffs edge. A wide open space this beautiful Earth provides me. I can almost feel the wind on my face.✨ When I travel to these magnificent places on this Earth whether physically or in my mind, I feel a special closeness to my Heavenly Parents, and to my brother Jesus Christ. The master creators of this beautiful world. It is an honor to collect these scenes over time, and hold a special place in my spirit for them to bring me to them in times of quiet, listening, and stillness. It is a beautiful thing!✨ So grateful for this Earth and the master creators of it. Happy Earth Day all! 🌎 Where do you feel the most connection to the Earth? #earthday #beautifulworld #ourplanetdaily
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armelle_blog Happy Easter! 🐰✨ With the ups and downs of quarantine living, I’m sure glad that we have each other. 💛 My heart, thoughts, and prayers have been with so many out there struggling during this time in any capacity. There is a lot of worry and unknown, and my heart is heavy knowing so many have burdens to bear. Today especially, I feel blessed to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ. The one person who understands each and every one of our burdens not matter how big or small. Leaning into the infinite love and enabling atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ gives me so much comfort to know I am never alone, and neither are you. 💛✨ What a blessing to know that He lives. And, he is there to comfort us, and give us strength beyond our own. He Lives! ✨ A positive for me in our circumstances is this time to slow down and be with the ones I love with so many less distractions. We have had some beautiful moments that we will always look back on and cherish long after this is all over. Wishing you the best Easter friends! 💛 #hearHim #sharegoodness #heisrisen #helives #eastersunday #quaratineeaster #easter2020 #foreverfamily #churchofjesuschrist #ldschurch
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armelle_blog A little snack tray, Easter edition! 🐰✨ Grab a few jelly beans from your kids baskets, and put out a few of your hard boiled eggs along with some healthy snacks. Hoping this will tide everyone over until Easter dinner is ready... what is everyone making? We are going to make the same dinner we did last year. Pork tenderloin, maple carrots, and potatoes on the @traegergrills, and a fresh strawberry lemon sponge roll up cake! Oh, and I’m making some homemade rolls! Because #quaratinebaking , am I right?☺️ Are you preparing anything special for Easter dinner today? #eastersnacks #springsnackboard #eastersnackboard #snackboard
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armelle_blog Another official quarantine family birthday in the books. Or, should I say quaranTEEN?! I’m sure this wasn’t how he envisioned turning 13, but we were still able to have a great day! Slowing down on these teenage years feels ok right now.☺️ It’s crazy how one day they are tiny babies, and the next you have a teenager! It hurts a little to see my babies grow, but I tend to focus on enjoying each stage as much as I can, even with all the ups and downs. 😉 As you can imagine, as a new teen it’s been hard not seeing friends every day, so we ended his birthday night with a little video surprise for him. I texted all his friends and family members to record a special video message to him to play on his birthday. He was so surprised and touched to see all the nice birthday wishes!✨ I think it made his day!☺️🎉 It’s been such a privilege to see this kid grow up! I sure do hope he will continue to sneak into my bed for some extra mom time with cuddles and chats. I sure do love this guy! Happy quaranTEEN to my oldest boy! #quaranteen #birthdayboy #birthdayparty
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armelle_blog I feel the most inspired in places where the world holds still, and I can be present. This is where I feel God’s presence and love the most. With the temples closed in this worldwide pandemic, I am even more grateful for all my time spent mountains to feel that peace and calm. I feel so grateful for my faith to get me through so much uncertainty in this world. I can’t tell you how comforting it is that no matter what happens, I can still feel peace, even right in the middle of chaos. I wanted to offer you an invitation to feel some peace amidst all this chaos too. Heaven knows, we could all use a little inspiration and uplifting messages right about now. Something I have been looking forward to for months is General Conference! It is a two-day conference held every six months where a living prophet and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints share Christ centered positive messages of hope, encouragement, and love. This conference not only will be memorable with the 200th anniversary of the First Vision, but it will also be unique with the announcement that no one will be able to attend in person inside the conference center due to Covid-19. It will definitely be unlike any other conference in history, and I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for the messages and guidance during these crazy times! No matter what faith you are, I hope you will join me this weekend April 4 and 5th by gathering your family to watch in HD on the @BYUtv, Channel 11 locally, or you can stream the conference for free on the app or at BYUtv.org. I am looking forward to joining together this weekend listening to the word of God with you! I promise you will feel comfort and peace when you listen with faith. What are you looking forward to the most this conference weekend? #BYUtv #sponsored
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armelle_blog Happy quarantine birthday to this guy!! 🎉 It’s hard to believe my youngest baby is 9?!! What a crazy time to have a birthday. But we made the most of it, and have celebrated the best we could all day long! We started our daily walk today, and little by little Thomas started seeing signs that said “Happy Birthday Thomas!” on our neighbors houses! Our neighborhood made him feel so special with over 40 homes putting up Happy Birthday signs on their houses, many of them leaving little gifts for him to collect a long the way. He couldn’t believe they all knew it was his birthday! ☺️ He was beyond thrilled, and we feel lucky to live in such an amazing community that made him feel extra special on his birthday during all this social distancing and quarantine. It is definitely a birthday for the books for our little (tween?!😳) and one he will certainly never forget!💛✨ Thanks to everyone for wishing him well today, and making his birthday extra special!💛🎉 #birthdayboy #quarantinebirthday #peoplearegood #coronahelpers