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tonyrobbins Together we have achieved a BREAKTHROUGH in renewable energy that will change the WORLD!! 💡🌎⚡️What an absolute honor it was to share the stage at our recent #BusinessMastery event in Las Vegas with my business partner and friend, the legendary Bill Gross. Not only is Bill one of the most kind-hearted, passionately intelligent, and endlessly JOYFUL visionaries I know… he also happens to be the most successful 🦄 unicorn founder of ALL TIME! Few tech entrepreneurs find ONE “unicorn” (a tech company with a market valuation of over $1 Billion). Bill Gross has started and exited from SEVEN! He is, by definition, the #GOAT!! 7️⃣🐐🥇 . Bill’s been starting businesses since he was 12, selling candy at the bus stop! 🍭🚌 Right out of college, Bill sold his first company to Lotus for $10M, then, inspired by his son entering Kindergarten and his passion for helping young minds fall in love with learning, he developed Knowledge Adventure which was acquired by Vivendi in 1995 for $90M! 🖍🧠❤ . But even before he sold his first company -- back during the 1973 Energy Crisis -- Bill Gross observed a long line of cars waiting to buy rationed gasoline and became interested in the future potential of renewable energy... 💨☀️🔋 . Over four decades later, we’re THRILLED to share a vision for the future that has now become a REALITY. Bill and I have just announced Softbank Vision Fund’s $110M investment in Energy Vault, and together, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, our innovative, eco-friendly technology will deliver wind and solar energy all day, EVERY DAY, 24/7 for LESS than the cost of fossil fuels. This unprecedented technology puts us on an accelerated path to a FULLY renewable world. ♻️🌱🌏 . To my friend Bill, and all of our partners at Idealab Studio, IdealabNy, Idealabx and Energy Vault, WE HAVE SO MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR YOU and are grateful to be on this mission together. Bill, you are simply the best at turning ideas into reality and I’m so proud to partner in launching and supporting #startup businesses that are developing DISRUPTIVE SOLUTIONS to significant challenges that humanity faces.👏🙏 . cc: @IdealabNY | www.Idealabx.vc . #renewableenergy #idealab #solarpower #windpower
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tonyrobbins Congratulations 👏 to my dear friend Bill Gross and our partners Rob Piconi, Andrea Pedretti and the entire team at Energy Vault & Idealab Studio for our $110 million Series B funding round with SoftBank Vision Fund which further empowers us to enable a planet powered by renewable resources. 💚🌱🌏 With BILLIONS 💰 in backorders we are on our way to bring this technology to every corner of the globe! 🤯🙌 . Our world RUNS on power -- businesses, homes, schools, entertainment, travel… the list is truly endless. 📺🏡✈️💡While renewable energy sources -- like wind💨 and solar ☀️ -- have become popular over the last several years, one of the greatest challenges faced by this type of energy is the ability to continuously and cost-effectively deliver round-the-clock, reliable baseload power. In other words, if the wind isn’t blowing or the sun doesn’t shine -- we’re back on the grid where the primary source of energy is non-renewable fossil fuels. 🦕🦖⛽️ . Energy Vault (@energyvaultinc) is a company created at Idealab Studio -- our leading technology incubator founded by my dear friend and partner, the legendary Bill Gross -- that has put us on the fast-track to reducing -- and eventually ELIMINATING -- our reliance on fossil fuels!! 👏 Our innovative technology uses eco-friendly materials at unprecedented economics and, for the FIRST TIME in HISTORY, enables renewable energy sources to deliver baseload power for LESS than the cost of fossil fuels, 24 HOURS A DAY!! 🙌🔂 Together, we are accelerating the shift to a FULLY renewable world. 💚🌱🌏 . If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership, technology, and next steps, click the link in my bio. And stay tuned -- I’ll be sharing a clip of Bill talking about this exciting new project from the stage at #BusinessMastery last week! ☝️🔗 cc: @IdealabNY www.Idealabx.vc . #renewableenergy
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tonyrobbins That’s a wrap on #BusinessMastery Las Vegas! 🔥😎 Where 2,500 business owners and entrepreneurs representing 56 countries 🌎 and just about every type of industry out there have now been unleashed into the world more FOCUSED and DRIVEN to SERVE than ever before! With five FULL DAYS (AND NIGHTS), we certainly had our work cut out for us and I must say -- the energy of the crowd here in #Vegas was some of the most electric I’ve ever seen! ⚡️THANK YOU once again to everyone for coming together and playing FULL OUT. Now it’s time to return to your homes, communities, and colleagues RE-ENERGIZED with a sense of PURPOSE and PASSION to truly elevate your business -- and your LIFE -- to the NEXT LEVEL. It’s true -- this program is laser-focused on the best business strategies and their RESULTS. Which is why we don’t wait until it’s over to accomplish BIG and MEANINGFUL things together.😉 YES, we took time to get crystal clear on our individual outcomes. But what UNITES each and every one of us is the understanding that to be successful, you have to shift the focus from thinking about yourself to asking: . How can I use my gifts, talents, and passion to serve others? I’m thrilled to share that as we closed the event, we raised nearly $200K -- which I’ve matched, making the grand total $400K -- for Operation Underground Railroad @ourrescue, an organization whose mission is rescuing children from the atrocities of human trafficking. Because of your generosity and love, more than 125 children will be saved from slavery. Thank you for partnering with me in stepping up to make a difference. 🙌❤️👍👏 . Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks from our event here this past week, including a clip from one of our incredible speakers, 🦄 BILL GROSS,💥 the most successful unicorn founder in HISTORY. He’s the ONLY person on the planet to have started and exited from *** 7 COMPANIES *** valued at over $1 BILLION?!! . If you don’t want to miss a thing -- make sure you’re following my account here on @Instagram and have your notifications for new posts turned ON! . . . Photo Credit: @millakuhto
tonyrobbins Why do I LOVE BUSINESS❓ Because… *SUCCESSFULLY doing business makes you FOCUS 👀 on those you’re SERVING. . In order for YOUR BUSINESS to be successful you have to FOCUS on meeting THEIR needs. . And when you’re SERVING OTHERS, you’re NOT thinking about yourself. You’re NOT BEING SELFISH so you're FREE of YOUR OWN MIND. Your ❤️HEART & SPIRIT✨ are running the show. . And YOU are 😁 LIT UP! . Those that ❌ FAIL ❌  in business get tripped-up by a SENSE of CONTROL. . Getting to THE NEXT LEVEL in business requires a different level of thinking. And we can’t get there until we are WILLING to have a different level of VULNERABILITY and we're ready to tell yourself ourselves the TRUTH.💥 . Until then, you’re not really running a business, you just have a JOB. . . . Who can relate? . . #BusinessMastery #TonyRobbins #Entrepreneur #SmallBusiness #BigBusiness #Service #Truth
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tonyrobbins A business is a system of ADDING MASSIVE VALUE to people. Now here’s the mind-boggling truth: . 50% of businesses fail in their FIRST year. 😮80% fail within their first five years. 😧 And ultimately, after a DECADE of operation, nearly 96% of all businesses will have closed their doors.🤯 . So what kind of person does it take to create their own business knowing that the success rate is 4%? . It takes a person who CONSTANTLY asks better questions: . ❓How can I add more VALUE? . ❓How can I better understand and SERVE my client’s needs at the highest level? . ❓What can I GIVE? . ❓How can I HELP? . In short, running a successful business is a spiritual game. It’s risky. It’s psychology. It’s a skill set. It’s often an identity. And it’s not for wannabes, it’s for gladiators. . That’s why we do this program. We just completed the first two days of our #BUSINESSMASTERY conference in Las Vegas with 2,500 business owners from 56 countries learning from each other and from the best (we have 10 guest speakers on our stage here in Las Vegas) for five FULL days and nights of total immersion.💪🙌 . This intense BOOTCAMP-style mastery class is designed to teach #entrepreneurs and #businessowners the 🔨 tools and strategies 🔧 for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH 📈 that will TRANSFORM their business and ultimately, their lives.❤️ . I’m bringing the best of what I’ve learned over the last 42 years of doing business, plus simplifying the proven strategies of the smartest, most successful, industry-leading minds. . As we get going, remember that ‼️ LIFE PRODUCES EXTRAORDINARY REWARDS FOR THOSE WHO *GIVE* IN EXTRAORDINARY WAYS‼️ . What are YOU here to GIVE? What business are you REALLY in? . Why did you get into business in the first place and aren’t you having even more fun today?! . Keep tagging me in your posts and stories — we love seeing this week through your eyes!! 💥🙏 . . . 📸: @millakuhto
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tonyrobbins The Challenge Precious gems from: “The Calm Center” by our brother on the path, Steve Taylor . ❤️
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tonyrobbins Help wish a Happy Birthday to this woman, our precious Sage 🎈 my beloved wife, my everything. She’s equal parts BEAUTIFUL, GENIUS... and perfectly WEIRD, and there’s no one quite like her.🤣😍🙌 I love sharing this mission with you and I’m forever grateful to you for the many magical gifts -- each one so uniquely YOU -- that you bring to my life, and to this world, and all who are in your presence. I love you more each day. The adventure continues! Here’s to 20 more years, and beyond.❤️🙏
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tonyrobbins What a week from Atlanta to Calgary and everywhere in between! 💯👊😎 Standing together 7,000 strong in Atlanta a week ago to spending Thursday with 8,000 brothers and sisters in Canada, it’s certainly been an honor to share time with such genuinely committed souls HUNGRY FOR GROWTH and passionate about taking massive action to elevate their lives to the next level! Thank you to each and every single one of you for bringing your ENERGY, FOCUS, and OPEN MINDS and HEARTS to play full out everywhere we go. Drop a comment and let me know if you were with us at the Georgia World Conference Center or Calgary’s BMO Center this past week. What was your biggest take-away? We’re already making preparations for our upcoming event — #BusinessMastery that’s kicking off in just a few days in #LasVegas! 🎰 Can’t wait to spend the week with business owners and #entrepreneurs gathering from around the world to dig deep in our INTENSE 5-day business program where we’ll learn proven strategies that will completely transform business... and ultimately, change lives! If you’ll be joining us in Las Vegas, leave a comment and tell us: What business are YOU in?
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tonyrobbins Of all of the uniquely inspiring people I’ve had the opportunity to meet over the last four decades, whenever people ask who was the most interesting encounter, I always say, often to their surprise, that my time with Mike Tyson was perhaps the most fascinating. When we met, I was blown away to see this man, supposedly an aggressive beast, show a different side than most people would ever know or expect. For example, did you know that he's an avid reader of philosophy and psychology? 📚📖 During our time together, he quoted Nietzsche & Machiavelli, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Qur’an. Mike and I met 22 years ago when I was called in by his team to work with him right after the incident with Holyfield’s ear. I learned that Mike’s history is one filled with pain early and often — both given and received. His journey began in one of the toughest neighborhoods imaginable, and his childhood was riddled with extreme distress, grief, drugs and alcohol, and agonizing loss. Mike was trained, conditioned, hypnotized, and highly rewarded for afflicting pain on other human beings. He became a “beast” by his own description. What’s most remarkable though, is that now, decades later, he has completely transformed his life. Mike and I recently reconnected and recorded TWO in-depth hour-long conversations that we’re excited to share with you! . 🎙In the latest episode of the #TonyRobbinsPodcast, you’ll hear some of Mike’s story — one that will truly help you develop a level of understanding and compassion for ALL humans and see how we can be conditioned to behave completely different than that of our true nature, spirit,  and SOUL. . ☝️🔗 Click the link in bio to have a listen! Then head on over to @miketyson’s @Hotboxinpodcast where we turn the tables and Mike interviews me! . 🎧 Listen here: www.hotboxinpodcast.com/tony-robbins, then leave a comment and let us know your thoughts! Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your #podcast, Mike! What a joy it is to spend time with you, my friend.
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tonyrobbins As human beings we have the powerful ability to join forces and UNITE for a HIGHER GOOD. When we align our energy and work together, so much more is possible.🤝✨ . I am excited to share that through our partnership with Feeding America and the countless contributions from caring and generous human beings like YOU — our July 2019 TRIPLE MATCH 3X donation drive has raised over $600,000 so far — that’s 6 Million MEALS!! 🙏THANK YOU! That brings our grand total to some half-a-billion meals which means we’re half way there to our #1BILLIONMealsChallenge 🍽 . We’re right on target to reach 1 BILLION meals donated by 2025 🎯and ultimately, eradicate hunger for our brothers and sisters in such basic need. I’m deeply moved and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support, and the generous contributions. ❤👏 . ❗️❗️❗️We will continue to TRIPLE your donation through the end of the month of July. You’ve got 3 MORE DAYS! ❗️❗️❗️ . If you feel compelled to join us in our efforts to #ENDHUNGER and are able to make a donation of ANY amount, our impact together will be multiplied. . 👆🔗 Click the link in bio or go to www.feedingamerica.org/tonyrobbins if you are called to help. For every dollar raised, @feedingamerica provides at least 10 meals through its network of food banks, and I will personally TRIPLE your donation through July 31st. So, your every $1 actually = 30 meals.

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