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tonyrobbins I’m excited to tell you about my young business partner @JulianRiosCantu... . Julian started @evatech.co, a company that will change the lives of millions of women — and all of us who love them dearly — around the world. When Julian was 12 years old, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, and despite rigorously following all screening recommendations, his mom was now battling late-stage breast cancer. 💥At that moment, deeply motivated to find a cure for his own mother, Julian resolved to devote his life to advance technology and fight this killer. At the age of 16, Julian and his cofounders developed an adjunct technique for #breastcancer detection through temperature monitoring and artificial intelligence, and it’s already helping thousands of women in Latin America access breast cancer screenings. You might think that Julian had it easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth -- he has been constantly challenged by biases against his age, his Mexican nationality, and by large institutions that don't want to see this accessible technology thrive. But Julian persisted! And thousands of women in marginalized and rural areas of 🇲🇽Mexico are currently benefiting from his company’s technology every month. Now that they are cleared by the FDA in the U.S., Julian and his team are gearing up for launch by the end of this year in California! 🚀 Their technology, in conjunction with mammography, will save hundreds of thousands of lives! Julian, THANK YOU for your vision and commitment and the impact you are making in the world. 👊👏 ❤️ 🙌 It has been incredible to watch you grow and create something extraordinary out of a painful experience. I am honored to partner with you, Ashton Kutcher @aplusk, and #VinodKhosla in supporting this amazing company through @IdealabX, our venture capital fund! . #breastcancerawareness @idealabny
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tonyrobbins Here’s looking back on our treasured family visit to 🇮🇱 #Israel last week. The Holy Land — what a mystical place, abundant with diversity, beauty, and complexity. This is the intersection of the world's three great religions -- the source of both the sacred and the struggle for centuries. HISTORY IS EVERYWHERE YOU TURN! Before our event in the modern, thriving city of Tel Aviv, we got to explore #Jerusalem 🙏 and its Old City, the multifaceted epicenter of culture and heritage. For Christians, it’s the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. For Muslims, this is where Muhammad received his revelations and journeyed to heaven. And for the Jewish people -- a thousand years before Jesus’ birth -- King David united the 12 tribes of Israel and David's son, Solomon, built the First Temple here. What’s remarkable is that within a 10-minute walk, you can witness the holiest place in ✡️Judaism, the Western Wall on Temple Mount, and leave a prayer in the cracks of the ancient stone, then make your way to ✝️ Golgotha, the site commemorating the death and risen Christ at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and there’s Mother Mary’s tomb at the foot of Mount of Olives. Plus, see Muslim Quarter ☪️ with the Dome of the Rock in the Noble Sanctuary, one of the earliest revered masterpieces of Islamic architecture. We crossed the border into 🇵🇸 Palestine's West Bank to take in Nativity Square where Jesus was born. If you’ve never been, don’t go expecting a manger in a field. Today, Bethlehem is a quintessential Arab souk —  a Muslim-majority thriving market. It’s no wonder this area of the world continues to attract droves of devotees from diverse faiths to its storied synagogues, churches, mosques, and shrines. The intertwined culture is literally like nothing else on Earth. We are still filled with wonder.✌️✨ . . . 📸 Photo Credit: @bnayabd
tonyrobbins Ray Dalio is pure GENIUS. 🧠💥🎯🙌 . Many of you know Ray’s unique story and his peerless investment strategy from reading our interview in 📖MONEY: Master The Game. For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Ray, I can tell you that the kid from Queens (the son of a Jazz musician) who grew up to be one of THE most successful investors IN THE WORLD  is a dear friend and incredibly generous human being. His brilliance and vision are legendary and it’s no wonder he’s been called the DaVinci of investing. Ray is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. He MANAGES RISK better than anyone else on the planet; that’s why he’s the trusted go-to expert for world leaders and huge financial institutions when they need a safe harbor in the volatile marketplace. Give yourself a gift and take a quick moment to watch this 📺 4-min clip @businessinsider published this week. Ray gives an update on where he sees the economy and the stock market today, and he recommends that people read our book to learn about his approach to ☔️ ALL-SEASONS investing. There’s power in ANTICIPATING the road ahead!
tonyrobbins Hats off to our dear friend, Ellen!👏🏆🥇❤️THIS is what we need to see and hear more of in the media and from celebrities!! . IT’S OK TO BEFRIEND PEOPLE WHO YOU DISAGREE WITH! . 🤝 We can have different points of view and still laugh, get along, converse, watch the game, and have MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS with each other. Limiting the people we spend time with to people who share the exact same beliefs as us is NOT the answer. How would we ever get anything done, much less make any progress moving conversations forward in order to support our children and build a brighter future? It is so important for all of us — especially in these unique times — to traverse the imaginary lines that divide us and GET TO KNOW THE HUMAN BEINGS who represent all sides of the issues. That's how we will break the patterns of hate & anger and disrupt the divisive polarization we have come to know. Start by asking quality questions like: . What can I learn from this person who has a different perspective? What does the person who sees the world that way really want? What are their concerns? What could we enjoy together? We’re not supposed to agree on everything. We’re all DIFFERENT and THAT’S OK!! . If we are going to celebrate the diversity of our human family, we must meet our brothers & sisters with kindness and basic respect. Cheers @TheEllenShow! We salute your admirable approach to life. "Be kind to one another." And that means everybody!✌️❤️👉🌏
tonyrobbins Last month, before taking the stage in #Dubai 🇦🇪for @najahi_events’ #AchieveTheUnimaginable, I got to spend the afternoon in the 🔺 @ForbesMiddleEast 🔺 studio with @spencer.lodge and Omar of @mentalUNblock. I’m excited to share our full 📹video interview with you here! We chat about everything from 👩‍👦 my childhood and early years, 📖 to writing my very first book, 🏟 plus what it’s like to get up on stage at our events, 🧩 the importance of contribution in our lives, and 🤝how I got involved with some of the organizations we work most closely with today. Thank you for having me, Spencer and Omar!
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tonyrobbins One game remains ... ⚽️ We’re so crazy about our @LAFC who just had a HISTORIC week winning the Supporter’s Shield -- an award given to the @MLS team with the BEST regular-season record — and it’s only our sophomore year in the league!! . Shoutout to this week’s MLS Player of the Week, our CARLOS #VELA 🥅 who just scored his 31st goal of the season and is now just ONE GOAL AWAY from rewriting #MLS history books. I love how when Vela scores, the crazy @LAFC3252 in the North End celebrate by taking off their left shoe and lifting it in the air!! 😆 👟🖤💛 . For the last regular season match, #LAFC hosts the 🚩Colorado Rapids this Sunday at “The Banc” in downtown LA where @carlosv11_ (despite injuries that forced him to sit out for TWO games) has one game left to break his tie with Josef Martinez and stand alone at the top of the single-season scoring chart. We’ll be cheering for you! Bring down the house at @bancofcaliforniastadium . 🗣🙌🏟 . These guys are such an exciting squad to watch. 👏 Congratulations to the extraordinary players, coaches, staff, partners, and fellow owners who have dreamt of this moment! It’s an honor to be part of this ownership and witness the joy and pride it’s bringing my hometown of Los Angeles!! ❤💥💯😎 . #TheBlackAndGold #LAFC #Vela #MLSSoccer #supportersshield #LAFCvCOL #Letsgo
tonyrobbins Congratulations to @MichaelBsrglobal and our international partners at 🤝🇦🇺@SuccessResourcesAustralia who are celebrating 🚩25 YEARS of providing educational resources, workshops, tools, and seminars for ambitious ACHIEVERS around the globe whose hearts are hungry to LEARN and GROW!🌏🏟🎉 . While our team at Robbins Research International in San Diego produces all of our events here in the United States and several select global destinations, our #1 promoter overseas in Australia, Europe, and Asia (for a quarter of a century!!) has been my dear friend, Michael. Michael Burnett is a smart, caring, and congruent human being whose mission to serve people on this planet runs as deeply as mine does. He’s the sharp dressed man, alright!👌 But you might not even notice him humbly keeping an attentive eye over his audiences. Success Resources is in this business for all the right reasons: ❤️ To add MASSIVE value to people’s lives. Together, we have put on: 50 #UnleashThePowerWithin events, 20 #DateWithDestiny weeks, 20 Life Wealth Mastery programs, and 100+ one-day MEGA events . Together we’ve had the privilege of sharing life with over 700,000 people from every corner of the planet. ✍️ . Together we’re working our way to 1 MILLION lives transformed!! . Michael, I am so grateful to you and your whole team -- it has been a privilege to travel the world with you, connecting with incredibly diverse humans, and serving something greater than ourselves. Thank you for sharing this mission with me, brother! The best is yet to come... . . . 🎧 🐨 While we were in #Australia last week for #UPW, Michael and I had the chance to sit down and chat -- and we covered A LOT of ground. From our history together, to a few fun topics like our current reading list, guilty pleasures, and who I’d cast to play me in a movie (@therock, of course!). 🎙The full podcast is coming out next week -- follow @successresourcesaustralia and be the first to know when it’s out! ✍️Were YOU one of the 700,000+ with us somewhere on this Earth? Tell me where in the COMMENTS 🌏 🌍 🌎
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tonyrobbins LIFE is truly a gift! 🎁 And it is our privilege to have the opportunity to create an EXTRAORDINARY life! A life of CONTRIBUTION, MEANING, HAPPINESS, PASSION, FULFILLMENT, and LOVE! 🙏🔥😄❤️🙌💯 . Don’t wait another moment, another day, another year to LIVE FULLY and squeeze JOY out of your life! Remember, it’s NOT about being perfect, it’s about being REAL. We all have so many areas for GROWTH, but we can’t unless we’re willing to try things that don’t always work out. Life is messy— but it is also BEAUTIFUL. ENJOY your life and all of the growth AND CHALLENGES it demands from you. Then share the insights with those you love and support them along the way. Tag a friend you want to share this message with. 👇🏷
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tonyrobbins OMG We look like babies! #FlashbackFriday 10 YEARS ago to September 2009 with Sage in Phuket 🥰✨🇹🇭 . Where were you a decade ago?
tonyrobbins The latest episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast is LIVE! 🎙🎧 What an honor it was to have my dear friend and business partner -- the legendary Bill Gross -- join me on stage at our recent Business Mastery event in Las Vegas! Not only is Bill one of the most kind-hearted, passionately intelligent, and endlessly JOYFUL visionaries I know… he also happens to be the most successful founders of ❗️ALL TIME❗️ Few tech entrepreneurs start and exit just ONE company valued at over $1B… Bill’s done this SEVEN times!! 🤯👏🔥💯 . 👆🔗Click the link in bio to hear Bill’s Top 10 Lessons of ALL TIME as a serial #entrepreneur, and stay tuned for part two (coming soon!) -- I interview Bill on stage at #BusinessMastery where he shares his advice on raising capital, how to pitch investors, and his greatest vision for the future. ☀️💨🔋🤝 . #BillGross #idealab #TonyRobbins #podcast #businessmastery