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Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 28 мая 2020
amandaschull Rupert and I chatted with his amazing veterinarian @patrickmahaney about the mission he and @ellevetsciences are on to support pets of the homeless and others who are unable to afford veterinary care right now. @ellevetsciences is traveling through California, from San Diego to San Francisco, in the ElleVan, a mobile relief van, providing free veterinary care and supplies to pet owners who need a helping hand (or paw). To learn more about @ellevetsciences, their Pets In Need Project and how to support them visit the link in my bio. Swipe left to see a portion of our Conversation.
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 22 мая 2020
amandaschull One more in honor of #Centerstage turning 20 this year. 📸: @barrywetcher #fbf
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 21 мая 2020
amandaschull 3 years ago this week I was a cow person in 1852. Swipe left to see some of my fellow cow folk and a birdseye view of the epic tent world created for #12Monkeys. Fun fact: my horse did not care for me. @emilyhampshire @aaronastanford @tstashwick @the_joe_menendez #tbt #cowfolk #verywildwest #butactuallywildwildcanada
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 17 мая 2020
amandaschull This weekend five years ago. Swipe left to see how easily I got upstaged (and rightfully so). #yougochica #chicaisthechicken #12Monkeys
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 14 мая 2020
amandaschull These two women set the bar impossibly high as far as costars go. @zoesaldana & @mssusanmaypratt: How lucky was I to spend the most wonderful summer “working” with you two 20 years ago. • • • #TBT #centerstage
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 12 мая 2020
amandaschull 💥Correction!💥Tonight at 8pm EST I will be live tweeting #Centerstage #centerstage20 from the @entertainmentweekly account. So, fire up that VCR or find the link in my bio to get the movie and watch along with me! 🚨I haven’t seen the movie since it came out. This could be interesting...🚨 • #BTS from #centerstage 20+ years ago. 📸: @barrywetcher
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 11 мая 2020
amandaschull #BTS from #centerstage 20(!) years ago. Actually, this was taken 21 years ago. Holy cow, I feel old. 📸: @barrywetcher • • •#ballerinasonbikes #thatisactuallyahashtag
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 08 мая 2020
amandaschull This photo was taken about 1 month before my life forever changed. I was excited as well as slightly daunted. I partnered with @gugu_guru to help me figure out what I needed in preparation for this little person who was about to take over my life and heart. I’m sharing this because right now I know a lot of expectant parents are unable to go into brick and mortar shops to test and select products for their babies. Gugu Guru provides a personalized concierge service through which they get to know you, your needs, your budget and taste and recommend products that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. I had no idea someone so small required so much stuff! Gugu Guru reduced my stress, saved me time, and helped me navigate the overwhelming world of all things baby to figure out what I needed on my registry and in my new life. If you want guidance determining what you need and what you don’t, please use code AMANDAS20 for 20% off a Concierge Care or Expert Care package with @gugu_guru . Ps. Don’t @ me. It’s plain orange juice in a fancy glass. • • •📸: @anniemcelwain #nofilter #fbf #babyonboard #35weekspregnant #notanad
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 03 мая 2020
amandaschull #Centerstage turns 20 this year! 🩰 I’ll post a different photo every week in May in honor of my first acting gig. You can now revisit the ABA gang on @netflix 📸: @barrywetcher
Аманда Шулл в инстаграм – фото от 01 мая 2020
amandaschull May Day is lei day in Hawaii. #FBF to a much simpler (and more floral) #may1st